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Date: 30. March 2017

Tinder App to Bring Out Desktop Site

Tindering at work is going to be a whole lot easier. You'll no longer need your smartphone to use the service. Soon, Tinder Online will be available not only as an app but also a browser application for all computers. This will, however, be a somewhat limited version.

Soon, Tinder will be available as an application for web browsers. Users no longer need to turn to the app for tablet or smartphone to use the dating service. Now, you can go looking for dates right from your desktop or laptop.

This new service is going to be called Tinder Online. The company website already announced it, though little more was said beyond the words "Coming Soon". It may very well be a couple of days or weeks until the app arrives on this side of the pond. Some things that we do know is that with the web version you won't able to use "Tinder Boost" or even "Super Likes" - which are paid-for functions that users of the app can enjoy.

Tinder Online will distract people from work

There are two things that the company wants to achieve with bringing out Tinder Online: they will allow users without smartphones (or those that don't have the power/data for Tinder) to access their service. And secondly, the app itself needs a lot of data due to all the pictures, whereas this isn't necessarily the case for computers.

In reality, it's really only about one single thing for the company: they'd like to reach even more users who will also more regularly access the service. If there is an option on their browsers to Twitter, instead of just going onto their mobiles, then this is an obvious steps in the right direction.


Source: Maclife

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