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Online dating personals in Australia put to the test!

Online dating personals sites are a very popular choice: 68% of all singles on the internet opt for this possibility. The following personals sites are among the most used dating sites in Australia and have convinced us with their highly developed operating concepts: Thousands of interesting single photos in your close proximity, good customer service and permanent elimination of fraudsters are a matter of course by now.

Two or three years ago, however, this wasn’t the case yet...

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Background Information

The Best Online Personals Sites for Dating in Australia


More singles who are more your styleLink: www.zoosk.com.au

If it’s a top-notch dating site you’re after, you need look no further than Zoosk. What started out as a rather chaotic and messy Facebook app has now become a fully-fledged dating site, rich in features. Due to huge improvements, the membership has shot up to a current number of around 30 million searchable members and Zoosk is still counting.

As a website, Zoosk is pretty state-of-the-art and offers a user-friendly experience. You won’t find yourself constantly scrambling around, trying to find out which button is which thanks to the clean and simple interface it uses. Everything is clearly laid-out. This makes viewing profiles as easy as pie.

Of course, the interface isn’t the only part we want to focus on. What about the members themselves? At Zoosk, it is possible to connect your profile with your Facebook account. This gives the site a very real dimension and, more importantly, lowers the chance of fakes.

Since there is a reasonable choice between free and premium memberships, you can try out the Zoosk interface for yourself before you decide to commit.

Number of registered members:

250,000 new Australian members yearly

  • Around 30 million members worldwide
Gender ratio (m/f):
34 : 66
Quality of profiles:
Special features:
  • Flirt Carousel
  • ZSZM Matching System
  • Well-connected to iPhone/Android and Facebook
  • Worldwide profile search
Handling and design:
  • Quick loading time
  • Technically faultless
  • Cheerful, colourful, playful
  • Hip and modern - 100% Web 2.0
  • The website is clearly built-up
  • Everything is easy to use
Search filters:
  • You can search for someone by their age, location and if they have a photo.
Free services:
  • Post your profile
  • Use search function
  • Matching partners shown
  • Read your received mail, limited number of answers
Premium services:
Unlimited possibility to contact over 33 million Zoosk singles:
  • 6 months = $30.24/month
  • 3 months = $21.16/month
  • 1 month = $31.95

Better profile ranking (your profile will be shown more often in search results).


Australia's No.1 Dating siteLink: www.rsvp.com.au

For those who want to maximise their chances of a successful partner search, RSVP.com.au proudly claims to hold the title of Australia's no.1 dating site and is averaging 1,200 new singles every day according to its website. And, best of all, it is Australian owned, just another reason to login and give it a try.

What makes RSVP stand out from other dating sites is that when you describe the person whom you would like to meet and you have criteria upon which you cannot compromise, for example, height, age, etc., you will never be sent matches that are not exactly what you selected. This feature is what they call “deal breakers”. It can end up helping singles weave out a lot of undesirable traits that they may otherwise come across.

Creating a profile is free as well as sending kisses and flirting with other members, however if you wish to contact someone, you will have to buy “stamps”. These are a kind of electronic currency, which can be used to make contact with other members. The more "stamps" you buy at one time, the cheaper they are. Don’t forget to check out the RSVP gallery as well!

Number of registered members:

400,000 members in Australia

  • 1,200 new profiles every day
Gender ratio (m/f):
47 : 53
Quality of profiles:
Special features:
  • Facebook integration.
  • Matching deal-breakers.
  • A dating advice section.
  • RSVP.com offers travel and events sections.
  • You can even stay in touch on the go with the RSVP mobile app.
Handling and design:
  • RSVP’s website is modern and sleek. Its user-friendly design makes looking for a match super easy.
  • Logging in with Facebook makes the sign in process much quicker and easier.
Search filters:
  • An interesting twist to this, however, is the Deal Breaker. You type in deal-breakers, or features that you can’t stand in a partner, in order to filter out undesirables.
Free services:
  • Create a profile
  • Search through members
  • Reply to emails
  • Send Icebreakers (called ‘kisses’ on RSVP)
Premium services:

For Priority members, costs are as follows:

  • 6 months = $14/month
  • 3 months = $17/month
  • 1 month = $20


#LoveYourImperfectionsLink: www.au.match.com

Match.com is the most well-known dating site throughout the world. The portal was first established in the United States in 1995 and was extended to the UK in 2001 quickly becoming a very popular online dating site in Australia as well. There is no one who doesn’t know the name Match.com, and those on the lookout for a fun date or even a relationship can take a look here.

The site hardly contains any fake personals because photos and texts are frequently and carefully checked by staff. Profiles that do not play by the rules or haven’t logged in for the past six months are removed - this means that there is little risk of running into "dead" or "ghost" accounts.

The price level is somewhat high, but in return Match.com offers access to over 60 million personals on six continents and in 18 languages. So for those who want to know what their options are in the world of dating, this may be a decent choice to make.

In our opinion, everything at Match.com is in place so that you can have the best experience getting to know your matches.

Number of registered members:
  • 60,000,000 members have used it worldwide
Gender ratio (m/f):
56 : 44
Quality of profiles:
Special features:

Boost your visibility

  • Improve your chances of being found for an extra fee.

Singles Events

  • Match.com now runs a number of singles events in 21 cities across the country.


  • If you wish (and you are a selected) Match uses your profile in their advertising.
Handling and design:
  • Professional and simple design, yet personal.
Search filters:
  • Reciprocal Matching
  • You can save your search profile
Free services:
  • You can post a profile with photo
  • You can browse through members' personals
  • You can make a free personality test and add the results to your profile
Premium services:

For unlimited communication with your matches, there are several prices options:

  • 6 months = $22.60/month
  • 3 months = $29.60/month
  • 1 month = $43.06


It’s more fun than being niceLink: www.benaughty.com

BeNaughty.com has a name that is pretty self-explanatory. If you are here for serious online dating, you may want to take a step back. Singles here are looking for fun and contacts, and while there is certainly the possibility that you will meet the love of your life, it is important to remember one thing on BeNaughty: nobody takes dating too seriously. So, if you are not looking for a long-term/serious relationship, this is the place for hook ups or a few relaxed dates. With around 1,000,000 members in Australia, you're bound to find one.

A nice touch to BeNaughty.com Australia is that woman are able to message men for free. This is good for both genders, as it increases the chances of there being more women on the site. For those who want to enjoy a bit of dating on the go, or even hook up in a different town, there is also a BeNaughty app which you can download onto your iPhone. It is also available for Android devices and in mobile web form.

As well as these features, you can enjoy the ability to narrow down your search and more. So why not push the boat out and give it a try? It can’t hurt!

Number of registered members:

Over 1,000,000 members in Australia

  • Over 9 million members worldwide
Gender ratio (m/f):
64 : 36
Quality of profiles:
Special features:
  • Send a gift to a BeNaughty member.
  • Create and save your favourite searches.
  • Possibility of narrowing down your search on postcodes.
  • Access Benaughty.com on your mobile phone.
Handling and design:
  • Modern with many features and possibilities.
  • Pages load quickly, which is nice.
  • A lot of features are crammed together… May take a few minutes to get used to!
Search filters:
  • Possibility to see which members are online.
  • Several types of search to maximise your dating possibilities.
  • You can do a search on postcode.
Free services:
  • Create a profile.
  • Create and save favourite searches.
  • Wink at another member.
Premium services:

Unlimited communication is possible on BeNaughty with the following payment plans.

  • 6 Months = $21.99/month
  • 3 Months = $32.99/month
  • 1 Month = $43.99

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Online Dating Personals Watch List

Apart from those "Rolls Royce" among the Aussie dating websites, there are several portals that might also be fun for singles in Australia.

Maybe you will find appealing dating personals here:

Background Information Regarding Our Test Category "Online Dating Personals for Australia in 2018"

When many people think of online dating, the first thing that comes to mind is usually what singles know as online dating personals. These were traditionally known as classified ads and could be found in newspapers and magazines. And it is also no wonder that over a third of all online daters in Australia are, once again, using online personals for dating in 2018.

It is this type of dating portal that allows us to understand what personals sites are: the ability to create a visible personal ad for other singles to browse and read. These singles "market places" function in a similar manner to a nightclub or bar, where you can look at the members (as opposed to a matchmaking site or dating agency, where you do not actively seek members but are rather are given suggestions).

Getting in touch is done via private chat (with personals members who are online at the time), or through email. Efficient search functions will also allow you to find people based on whether they are nearby, currently online, have a photo, are new today etc…

What about Facebook dating personals?

Online dating is little more than the development of the classic newspaper personal ad, of which still around 100,000 are published on a monthly basis. The ‘threat’ from social networks such as Facebook came around 2006, making them the biggest concern to the managers of personal ad portals. But this danger turned out to be a lot less threatening than imagined: online dating personals continue to stand their ground.

Friendship and dating should be separate!

After all, who wants to go looking around their friend list for a partner? The process would not only be limiting, but boring as well: you pretty much know everything about most of your friends anyway. It’d make for a pretty boring first date!

Remember: Most social network sites are generally not the place to look for a partner! For those on the seroius hunt for a partner, you can try out:

Social dating as an alternative? We don't think so!

In the realm of classical online dating personals we came to a conclusion between 2005 and 2015: while there were many equal-sized providers in the beginning, only a handful of them have gotten bigger and others have given up. This is good news for you: if there are only a few places where other singles can put their ads, then your search becomes a lot easier.

And something else has of course been going on: from the world of mobiles and Facebook, a number of colourful dating apps and chat sites have emerged alongside online dating personals. A lot of them are relatively inexpensive, and a handful of them are completely free. The search here, of course, is not necessarily aimed towards "love" although that is definitely one possibility. Social dating services have not suffered from a mass flood of fakes, either. That can definitely help to up the quality.

Our team wishes all singles the best of luck in their search for fun and flirts in 2018!

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